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Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is the formal recognition of an applicant’s knowledge, skills and experience developed across the course of their career and training.

Experience and Qualifications are certified and issued by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), like Broadband Connect, who evaluate and assess competency based on the benchmark industry standards. This structure of learning may have been experienced in many forms, including school, training, community organisations, sport, work or recreation. It includes both formal and informal learning methods.

To further your qualifications, further training is offered Online, on and offsite whether it be here at Broadband Connect Head Office or at your workplace, our qualified experts will guide you through the assessment process. The defining characteristics of an RPL process is the involvement of suitably qualified, skilled and experienced assessors and a short assessment process that will vary between students, depending on their already acquired knowledge.


Many Qualifications and Units of Competency on Broadband Connects scope can be claimed through RPL.

The following steps are guidelines that are to be followed by all students/applicants during the RPL application process:

Step 1: Student/Applicant makes an enquiry regarding RPL.

Step 2: Student/Applicant recieves phone call regarding previous licenses, experience, etc.

Step 3: Student/Applicant recieves Enrolment pack to be completed via email.

Step 4: Student/Applicant emails or posts enrolment pack including all Pictorial and Documentary evidence back to Broadband Connect.

Step 5: Student/Applicant recieves phone call from Assessor to arrange an RPL Assessment either at Broadband Connect Head Office or at your workplace, dependent upon location this may need to be a Skype Call.

Step 6: Student/Applicant is required to have a MANDATORY USI (Unique Student Identifier) number for all training purposes. (This Information is included in the Enrolment Pack.)

(Click on the link for further information)

Step 7: Student/Applicant is deemed “Competent” or “Not Competent” depending on Evidence recieved.

Step 8: If “Competent” a Statement of Attainment is Issued.

Step 9: If “Not Competent”, a training plan is drawn up so further experienced is gained by Student/Applicant.



Forms of Evidence required for your RPL Assessment include:

• Work records
• Records of workplace training
• Assessments of current skills
• Assessments of current knowledge
• Third party reports from current and previous supervisors or managers
• Evidence of relevant unpaid or volunteer experience
• Pictorial evidence of work completed
• Portfolio of design products
• Observations by an assessor in the workplace
• Performance appraisals
• Duty statements


For any enquiries regarding RPL Assessment fee’s, you’re looking to start the RPL Assessment process, or you would just like further information, please contact Broadband Connects Student Services via the 'Contact Us' button below.

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