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Broadband Connect, founded by one tradesman who wanted to supply a higher level of up-to-date and job-related Telecommunications training to guide students for years to come. His experience in Telecommunications has led Broadband Connect to re-develop the Certificate II & III in Telecommunications in keeping with the industry demand.
Broadband Connect has a dedicated team responsible for keeping the organisation up to the highest quality needed to ensure all its students receive the necessary training and that the training and courses supplied are of the most flexible and modern within the telecommunications industry. Our organisation realises the importance of quality training, and in so doing, we strive to ensure that our students receive the best possible training that will allow them to become more effective members of today’s workforce, further complimenting the growing need within their respectful businesses and the industry. We intend to offer more than just training; we strive to enable our students to become ultramodern technicians and tradespeople who can give their customers the satisfaction they deserve.

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